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db4a29484352ba66c3dc488bc567fbd4 Yip Yip Joins the “PRIDE” with Atlanta’s Sales Enablement Society Chapter Launch June 22, 2017 by nreese - We’re all excited at Yip Yip! You know why? We found the Sales Enablement Society!  A few weeks ago, we came across this fantastic group and discovered there was a chapter in Atlanta. If you haven’t heard about this community of sales enablement practitioners we highly recommend you check it out. Our first session was earlier this month, and you ... Read More
Missing_link_in_social_selling-01 IBM Influencer Jeff Sheehan on Social Selling and Engagement June 11, 2017 by nreese - All of us at Yip Yip are so excited about connecting with IBM Influencer Jeff Sheehan, as he forecasts trends in marketing & social selling. When he’s not training or sharing his expertise as a speaker and author, he identifies the most innovative pieces of technology making a difference for the global market and economy.  With decades of experience and ... Read More
Welcometeam Welcome to the Team Yip Yip Blog! May 26, 2017 by nreese - Welcome to the Team Yip Yip Blog! We’re dedicated to helping you celebrate the wins, learn from the mistakes, and enabling sales teams across the globe. The mission of our blog is to help sales teams win in the workplace and become the best at what they do while also simplifying their life in the process so they have more ... Read More
old_modem bio May 23, 2017 by nreese - I was born as a normal boy with no super powers, until one night I chased a villain in to a factory and fell in to a vat of chemicals. Oh wait no, that was The Joker. The truth is I was saved from the destruction of my home planet by parents who cared enough to jettison me in to ... Read More
johann-walter-bantz-198023 Automating The “Jab” May 23, 2017 by nreese - Posted By Team Yip Yip Let’s be honest.   We’re all fascinated with Gary V and all of his content. There’s just something about his stuff that really strikes us at our core. But seriously, who would have thought that a guy in jeans and t-shirts cussing in front of Fortune 100 companies and always walking around with a video ... Read More